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Registration Procedures

Currently there are two type of registration, Lurker Registration and Poster Registration. Application for Lurker Registration should be made from the Lurker Account Management Page. Likewise, application for Poster Registration should be made from the Poster Account Management page.

Click Here for Lurker Account Management Page

Click Here for Poster Account Management Page

Note : Your password will not be activated until Payment has been received. Please make your payment AFTER you have requested a login, so that your payment can be properly applied. Likewise, please reference your login on your payment whether you make payment by Paypal or by check.

Registration as a lurker gives you real time access to the board, and the ability to define your own time window. Lurker membership includes access to the Rydex Assets database with datamining capability, and participation in the Quarterly Contest (eligible for prizes!). What you don't get is the ability to post, and exchange private messages. Lurking privileges are available for $60/year. Payment information is available on The Payment Page. Your login will be activated upon receipt of payment for your subscription.

Registration as a poster gives you real time access to the board, ability to define your time window for viewing posts, and most importantly, the ability to contribute to the board by posting your ideas and information. In addition, you can exchange private messages with other posters who have enabled this feature. Poster privileges are $18/month, or $90 for 6 months, or $180 for one year. Payment information is available on The Payment Page. Feel free to contact The Unknown Bear to discuss this if you feel it is beyond your ability to pay. Most posters do pay full freight, many have gone beyond the above amounts to make sure the board continues. If you lie to save a few dollars, you risk permanent damage to your karma, and coming back in your next life as Alan Greenspan's seat cushion. Your login will be activated upon receipt of payment for your subscription.

Payment information is available at The Payment Page

Please note that in making this payment, you agree to abide by the Terms Of Service (TOS). If, in the sole opinion of The Unknown Bear, you have violated the TOS, your login will be terminated with no recourse on your part.

Please be aware that due to conflicts with existing names (or my own sense of propriety), I may find it necessary to ask you to request a different login.


Note: If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can click on the PayPal banner above to enroll. After you have requested a login on the appropriate account management page ( lurker or poster ), you can pay for your subscription at The Payment Page, which includes a snail mail address for checks. Your login will be enabled after your payment is received

In the post bubble internet, everything has to pay it's own way, including this board. If you didn't understand that, you wouldn't be a bear!!!