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Bear Forum is a place dedicated to unbiased analysis of current stock market trends, and information sources related to the markets. Our readers and posters have a wide variety of interests and ways of looking at the markets and the economy. You'll also find many discussions related to personal finance, such as discussions of mortages, home prices, ibonds vs HH bonds vs TIPS, etc.

Although most of us are concerned about the spin the mainstream financial press and government grind out on a daily basis, that doesn't stop our members from making bullish calls when their indicators warrant a bullish stance. Sometimes knowing when to step aside is the most profitable move you can make!

Among the methodologies you'll find discussed here are Elliot Wave analysis, cycles, trends, RSI, MACD, put/call ratios, and just about every flavor of analysis you can think of, including astrology.

You'll also find unbiased discussion of the track records of many professional advisors, as well as the track records and pitfalls of many different types of investments. Many of our posters post their trades or market postions in real time.

One thing you won't find here is hype, either on the short side or the long side. "Buy this stock" or "Short this stock" without valid technical and/or fundamental back doesn't cut it here. We have a very savvy, skeptical group of readers and posters, who simply have no tolerance for a mindless approach to the markets. If you can't explain your reasons for taking an action, you can expect some pretty tough questions about your post!

Another thing you won't find here is trolls. A primary reason for our popularity is the fact that trolls are immediately removed, either by The Unknown Bear, or any one of the many members of the Troll Patrol. Differences of opinion are encouraged, but the tone stays positive and constructive. We provide light rather than heat here!

We've been around for more than 12 years now, and every single post (400,000+) is still available in our Archives. Be forewarned, many of our readers find the board addictive!

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